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Much more than a network

With almost 70,000 graduates, the alumni of the IONIS Group represent a valuable resource. Their presence is not limited to a simple participation in alumni associations. The schools frequently organise meetings with their graduates. Regular and permanent guests, they come to talk about their pathways, present a profession or business sector, and more generally, give valuable advice to students. Who better to support students?

Eric Boullier at IPSA
Former IPSA student Eric Boullier is now Racing Director at the renowned British Formula One team McLaren Racing.
He often comes back to his school and meet with current students to share his experience and knowledge of the sports car industy.

Involvement of alumni in their schools

A springboard to the professional sphere

Whether at ISG with the Cafés Métiers, at ICS Bégué with the Apéros Rencontres or at IONIS-STM with the Cafés Carrières, students have the opportunity to meet with alumni who come to share their experience and talk about their profession every week or every second week.
These meetings, organised in conjunction with the alumni associations, provide an opportunity to discuss freely and ask the speaker questions directly. These opportunities are very popular among students, who are thus able to benefit from concrete advice and establish contacts for internships or a first job.

At the ISEG Group, a crucial and powerful link

Each school or group of schools has its own alumni network, coordinated according to its own specific features. Alumni from the three schools of the ISEG Group are thus grouped within the 2AI, association, bringing together more than 17,000 graduates, in France and worldwide. Each campus has its own regional club, to forge greater proximity, whilst six other clubs exist internationally (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Mexico, China and the Philippines).
The network is based on an interactive web platform with an online directory, job offers, appointments and news. This interface also allows alumni to recruit. Throughout the year, 2AI organises meetings, job dating events, and conferences. In joining this network, recent graduates receive coaching and support from their peers. 2AI currently has over 8,000 members on Viadeo.

Planète Métiers at ISG

ISG has launched a series of videos presenting the different pathways of the school’s alumni. Each interview is an immersion into a professional environment and a position, giving viewers the chance to discover its specific features and developments.

The Fondation ESME-Sudria

« The birth of the Fondation ESME Sudria is emblematic of the vitality of the school and its alumni network, explains Philippe Deltombes (ESME Sudria class of 1972), President of the Foundation and the Alumni Association (AIESME). It illustrates the determination of its engineers to equip ESME Sudria with the means and tools needed to ensure the success of the school and a long-standing reputation. The fact that many large companies, such as Alstom, Ineo, Eiffage and Technip, are among the founders demonstrates the strength of the links that connect our school to the industry. »

This structure, created in 2011, establishes ties between the school, its alumni and industries. The AIESME also plays a social role that consists of allocating and funding scholarships and encouraging the social diversity of the engineering students. Under the auspices of the Fondation de France, it strives to increase the proportion of the school’s students who receive scholarships from 20% to 30%.

The ISG Alumni Club des Pépites

Created in 2010, the ISG Club Pépites is open to all ISG alumni, members of the ISG Alumni founded in 1971. It coordinates a network of more than 19,600 graduates. Its aim is to bring students, recent graduates, and former year groups together through various events. The goal is to develop an intergenerational network through events such as ‘afterwork’ evenings and meetings.

In 2011, ICS Bégué Alumni was created, restructuring and reinvigorating the school’s previously existing alumni association. It also plays an advisory role.

Siham Ben Salem, directrice de l'ISEFAC et ICS Bégué

Siham Ben Salem,
of ISEFAC and ICS Bégué

« ICS Bégué Alumni, the alumni association created in 2011 at the initiative of Jean-Luc Scemama (class of 1973), chartered accountant and auditor, and a team of alumni from the finance, audit, and assets professions. Beyond the initiatives to rally graduate classes (introduction of an online directory, themed conferences, professional gatherings, etc.), the network helps encourage business development and creates opportunities for partnerships between alumni and current students. The implementation of a network of more than 5,000 alumni also promotes transmission and exchange, and influences the teaching content of the training programmes. The Development Council (Conseil de perfectionnement) composed of professionals from the audit, finance and asset sectors plays a crucial part in the quality of the programmes run at ICS Bégué. »