Shaping a new
business intelligence


Proximity to and collaboration with companies:
a natural state of mind

Shaping the new business intelligence is not something that can be regimented; it is a state of mind, and a dynamic that has been driving IONIS Education Group since its creation in 1980. Each school has a business relations department that is responsible for coordinating the network of partner companies and supporting students in their professional endeavours in what is a natural extension of the teaching methods adopted, in which the world of business plays a central role.

Proximité et synergie avec les entreprises : un état d’esprit naturel

Business relations departments

These are vital interdisciplinary departments around which the schools in IONIS Group are structured. Their primary purpose is to serve as intermediaries between the student body and the professional sphere, notably with regards to securing internships. There is, however, more to their role than this alone; indeed, they also serve as crossroads to help introduce new speakers to the academic board and to initiate research partnerships and technology transfers, as well as being responsible for collecting learning tax. These departments are also responsible for matching the needs and requirements of the companies concerned with the aspirations of their students.

The business relations departments record job and internship vacancies, develop and foster partnerships, organise events such as the recruitment forums held several times a year, and advise students in their choices, supporting them right throughout their education with a view to facilitating their professional integration. They also offer regular practical workshops involving professional recruiters designed to help students to produce an effective resume and covering letter, as well as organising 'mock' events across various school campuses with the aim of preparing students for job interviews, which are sometimes conducted in a foreign language.

Active partnerships

Unilever and the AACC - partners of the ISEG Marketing & Communication School

Each school maintains its own network of partner companies based on a series of collaborations that can lead to local or national partnerships that help develop special relationships. The ISEG Marketing & Communication School has been a partner of Unilever, a world leader in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, for example, for over five years, providing a collaborative platform that notably enables around fifty 5th year students every year from across the seven campuses to join Unilever as Junior Area Managers, which can sometimes lead to a permanent position.

The school has also been a partner of the French Association of Communications Agencies (AACC) for a number of years. It participates alongside students in organising a series of advertising, communication and media events that notably include the 'Open Agencies' day, more specifically in regional cities.

libé (re)designed by e-artsup students

e-artsup, the higher education institute of digital creation, regularly collaborates with companies, providing the opportunity for its students to work with professionals who are experienced in the requirements of their role, at the cutting-edge of new technologies and the latest trends. Past collaborations have included projects with:, Louis Vuitton, the CNES and Météo Consult, among others. The current design of is the result of daily efforts on the part of 5th year students on placement within the editorial team.

« Facebook Developper Garage » at EPITA

The school hosted the third edition of this event on 6 December 2011, providing an opportunity for developers and partners of the social network to get up to speed on the latest developments concerning the platform and to capitalise upon them. Over 300 participants were invited to attend the event at IONIS Education Group's technological campus in Kremlin-Bicêtre.

Facebook Garage at EPITA

Microsoft, a partner of the IONIS Education Group

Although Microsoft has been a partner of the Group's various IT schools - notably including the organisation of the MSDay whereby the company visits EPITA to showcase its latest technologies - for more than five years now, IONIS Education Group and the software publisher only formalised their partnership in June 2012, thus establishing a special relationship with the various schools concerned, including Epitech and SUP'Internet, via the Microsoft Campus Program.

The Engineering and IT Business Forum (FEMII)

For more than fifteen years now, the FEMII has brought together the largest French engineering service companies, renowned consultancy firms, telecommunications operators and even major industrial and banking accounts at IONIS Education Group's technological campus in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre to meet with students. The 2012 edition was notably attended by representatives of Altran, Atos Origin, Bouygues Telecom, Sopra Group, Steria and Thales, among others, all of whom were visiting to provide graduates and final-year students with information on vacant positions and internship opportunities. Each company has a stand at the event and organises a series of talks outlining what they do and the opportunities they have to offer. The Forum is aimed at EPITA, Epitech, IONIS-STM and ETNA students.

Mash Up at the Technological Campus

The Mash Up, which was hosted at IONIS Education Group's Technological Campus for the second consecutive year, celebrated the festival of student entrepreneurship, marking its first anniversary on the evening of 3 April 2012, at EPITA Under. Organised with the support of La Fonderie (an Ile-de-France-based digital agency), Epitech, EPITA and SUP’Internet, this festival of student entrepreneurship provides an ideal opportunity to bring together students with a passion for or simply an interest in entrepreneurship, meet new people, or find a future partner, developer or even business idea.

Le Mash Up is an association that organises events designed to promote an entrepreneurial spirit among students, with the aim of establishing relationships between student entrepreneurs with complementary skills and showcasing new start-ups seeking young talents. Taking the form of a conference involving prestigious speakers from the entrepreneurial sphere, a Mash Up typically attracts various profiles from engineering, commercial, development, design and other backgrounds to exchange thoughts and ideas and perhaps even find the partner they have been looking for, or future interns to help develop a particular project.

The event alternated the awarding of prizes to the most popular start-ups with networking sessions and question-answer sessions with prestigious guests of honour such as Marc Simoncini (Founder of Meetic and the Jaïna Capital investment fund), Céline Lazorthes (Founder and CEO of Leetchi) and Henri Binsztok (creator of the Opa programming language and CEO of ML State) and concluded with a concert.