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Coding Academy by Epitech

Learn how to code and develop a new set of skills to become a real it professional.

Coding Academy by Epitech

Coding Academy by Epitech is aiming at a population between 25 and 45 year old looking for training and courses to become skilled programmers. Based on the innovative learning methods by Epitech, these short programs empower students with strong assets and give them opportunities for career evolution.

> A training centered on career perspectives

Epitech is the leading school in revolutionary teaching which made coding achievable for all. Relying strongly on that expertise, the Coding Academy offers short and intensive training sessions (20 weeks) which give solid basis for professional applications and skills that can be used immediately within the task force of a company.

> « Code & Go » program

The flagship program of the Coding Academy is the 20 week long “Code & Go” session. This program is very intense and occurs several time a year. It teaches C, C++, PHP, HTML-CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJS, Angular JS, Symfony, Ruby and features initiation to Go, Typoscript, Unit testing, etc. At the end of the program, students are delivered with a “Ready for web development” badge from Coding Academy by Epitech which gives opportunity to work as a web developer in companies with strong recruitment needs.

Discover the training program that will strengthen your CV and boost your professional success.

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