Shaping a new
business intelligence

Paris Sud Digital Campus

1st digital campus in France dedicated to NICT and Internet

This digital campus is comprised of engineering and computing expertise schools, as well as research laboratories and a start-up incubator. IONIS Education Group has established itself in the teaching of NICT and innovation for the past 18 years, combining new teaching methods, project-based teaching and unfaltering encouragement for entrepreneurial spirit among its students.

The aim is to train the engineers and experts of tomorrow: the new business intelligence. Innovation requires an open mind, and cross-sectorial experience and knowledge. By bringing together these profiles, we allow our students to think and work together, thus assimilating business practices in the sector.

  • More than 6,000 students at a site open 24/7.
  • meltyNetwork, start-up created by Alexandre Malsh, (Epitech class of 2009), Vice-President of the National Digital Council (Conseil National Numérique).
  • Incubateur Creative Valley, partnership between Epitech and Push'Pull, supported by Google, Microsoft, Prestashop, Rentabiliweb, among others.
  • Applied and basic research laboratories in all fields of digital technology and computing.
  • Over 60 student associations: sports, games, japanimation, culture research, entrepreneurship, robotics, photography, video, etc.
  • A unique system in France, the IONIS Digital System: 1Gbps fibre optic with 1.5 Gbps bandwidth connecting the 14 cities in France where the IONIS Education Group is located.