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ESME Sudria

Founded in 1905, ESME Sudria trains multidisciplinary engineers, important professionals in the sectors of the technologies of the future: energy, systems and environment; on-board systems and electronics; images, signals and networks, digital intelligence and data.

Its modern teaching method is derived from three components: the importance of innovative spirit; the omnipresence of projects and initiative; and a resolutely international, human, and cultural outlook. Since its creation, more than 13,000 engineers have graduated from its courses.

The school awards State-recognised qualifications that are accredited by the Engineering Education Commission (CTI), while its engineering diploma is approved by the Ministry of National Education and bestows Master's status.

> A gateway to the technologies of the future

ESME Sudria’s strength lies in offering students multidisciplinary training of the highest level, thus opening the doors to the high-tech sectors of the future. Each student is therefore able to develop their career in the sector of their choice where their passion lies. Whether in the transport, energy, digital or robotics sector, graduates go on to lead passionate careers in the largest French and international companies.

> The 3 forces behind the teaching method

Teaching at ESME Sudria is based on experience and action. Its three priorities ensure efficiency, adaptability, an open outlook and a perfect match between the expectations of industrial professionals and the profile of our students. That is why ESME Sudria, today and since its foundation, is positioned at the forefront of the fight for innovation and the construction of tomorrow's world. By placing the student at the heart of its teaching plan, the school enters into a genuine contract of trust with the young generation, which it supports in its path to independence and accountability.

  • Prioritising the personalisation of pathways: because one of the sources of richness of ESME Sudria is the diversity of its students’ backgrounds, the personalisation of their pathways is, here more than elsewhere, a reality.
  • Prioritising the international dimension and an openness to other disciplines: the reality of the engineering profession has changed dramatically in the last few years. ESME Sudria graduates worldwide can bear witness to this fact. An openness to the rest of the world, to others and to difference: everything at ESME Sudria is designed to prepare its students for this.
  • Prioritising enterprise and initiative: ESME Sudria engineers are trained to find the most rewarding position within a company, one that opens the doors to true responsibility. Modern engineers will move from job to job, with no fear of change, and a willingness to live abroad: that is what we aim to prepare our students for. The result: 85% of our students are in employment before completing or within 2 months of completing their diploma.

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