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The history of the IONIS Education Group

An identity unique to each school. The Group dynamic emerged naturally whilst allowing each school to encourage and cultivate its differences and unique characteristics. The IONIS Group is built around shared values that go beyond the scope of each entity and drive all of our collaborators. Our mission is to transmit these to our students by supporting them in affirming their personality.

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Creation of ISEG Paris

Marc Sellam laid the foundations of the IONIS Group with the creation of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISEG) in Paris with the desire to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit within the education system.

Creation of ISEG Bordeaux

ISEG establishes itself in the provinces with the creation of ISEG Bordeaux.

Creation of ISEG Toulouse

Creation of ISEG Lille

Creation of ISEG Strasbourg and ISEG Nantes

Creation of ISEG Lyon

Creation of ISEFAC Alternance

School specialised in work-study programme, now established in Paris and Lille.

Takeover of EPITA

The École pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées (EPITA), created in 1984, now recognised as the leading school of computer intelligence.

Takeover of ISG

The Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG), established in Paris, New York and Tokyo, created in 1967 based on the values of openness and international relations.

Takeover of IPSA

The Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées (IPSA), specialised in aeronautics, astronautics and on-board computing, recognised by professionals since its creation in 1961.

Creation of Epitech

The École de l’Innovation et de l’Expertise Informatique, which offers an innovative model using project-based teaching.

Creation of e-artsup

The higher education institute of digital creation.

Takeover of ISTH

Leading preparatory classes, founded in 1954.

Creation of
IONIS Education Group

Creation of Masters EPITA which became the Ionis-STM in 2009

The school for MBAs in dual technological and managerial expertise.

Creation of Sup’Biotech

The Paris Institut Supérieur des Biotechnologies, which trains experts in the sector.

Creation of ISEFAC Bachelor

The school of professional Bachelor degrees in Paris.

Creation of ETNA

ETNA offers a new form of work-study programmes, for computing professions.

Takeover of ICS Bégué

The school of new accounting expertise, founded in 1957.

Takeover of ESME Sudria

The multidisciplinary school that trains engineers in the sectors and professions of the future, founded in 1905

Regional development of Epitech

Epitech opens branches in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

Creation of IPSA Toulouse

Launch of IONIS Tutoring

An innovative structure devoted to academic coaching and classes taught in small groups.

EPITA receives CTI accreditation

EPITA receives accreditation from the Engineering Education Commission (CTI)

Epitech pursues its regional development

Opening of branches in Nancy, Nice and Montpellier.

Epitech opens branches in Rennes and Marseille

Creation of
IONIS Executive Learning

The Group’s sustainable training and experience accreditation institute.

ISG obtains Master’s status

The ISG’s Bac+5 qualification is recognised as bestowing Master’s status

ISEG becomes the ISEG Group
with 3 different schools

To mark its 30th anniversary, ISEG metamorphosises to become the ISEG Group with 3 different and independent schools at 7 French campuses (Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse): the ISEG Business School, the ISEG Marketing & Communication School and the ISEG Finance School.

Regional development
of e-artsup

e-artsup launches its regional development with the opening of branches in Bordeaux, Lyon and Nantes.

Launch of e-artsup in Lille

Creation of SUP’Internet

The school of Internet-based professions in Paris.

Launch of IONIS Tutoring
in Bordeaux

IPSA receives CTI accreditation

IPSA receives accreditation from the Engineering Education Commission (CTI)

Level I RNCP certification

The ISEG Group obtains level I RNCP certification for its qualifications.

ESME Sudria opens branches in Lille and Lyon

Math Secours joins
IONIS Education Group

Regional development
of ISEFAC Bachelor

The schools opens branches in Bordeaux, Nantes and Nice

Level I RNCP certification

Sup’Biotech obtains level I RNCP certification

Creation of the ISEG Business & Finance School

The ISEG Business School and the ISEG Finance School merge to create the ISEG Business & Finance School

Creation of IONIS Group

IONIS Group creates an endowment fund in partnership with companies.

Creation of Prep’ETNA

Creation of Prep’ETNA, two years cycle with an original financing mode.

Regional development
of ISEFAC Bachelor

ISEFAC Bachelor opens a new campus in Lyon.

Launch of Moda Domani Institute

The new business school specialising in the new luxury, fashion and design spheres

Creation of IONISx

IONISx, the design, production and distribution platform for the IONIS Group’s digital training programmes.

Creation of the Coding Academy by Epitech

The IONIS Group launches the Coding Academy by Epitech: intensive training courses to hit the ground running in the employment market.

Creation of IONIS UP

IONIS Tutoring and Math Secours become IONIS UP

Creation of IONIS 361

Creation of IONIS 361, designer, producer and distributor of digital training.

Creation of ISEFAC R.H.

Creation of ISEFAC R.H., the school of management and human ressources.

Sup'Biotech obtains the CTI

Sup’Biotech receives CTI accreditation.

Opening of ESME Sudria in Bordeaux.

EPITA starts its regional development in Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

Epitech opens a branche in Saint-André (La Réunion - France).

International opening

IONIS Group announces the widening of its borders with the creation of interdisciplinary urban campuses in foreign metropolises (Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and Geneva).

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