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International relations

Lasting pluralist relations

The international aspect is central to a student's education in today's world, and the command of the English language is part of this, something our schools are firmly committed to. With this in mind, we also favour innovative teaching methods in order to eliminate certain obstacles and legacies that can sometimes stem from a less than ideal secondary education.

The most important aspects, however, lie elsewhere: encouraging open-mindedness, understanding of other cultures and countries, and considering other perspectives on life and on professional practice. There is also no substitute for the in situ experience that will give the student a lifetime of memories. For over twenty years now we have been implementing a winning strategy that favours robust partnerships with foreign universities and institutions with which we are familiar and that are familiar with us. They are able to accommodate our students across the five continents and promote this vital global perspective.

IONIS students in China

The international aspect - the heart and soul of the Group

Whilst one of our aims is to give our students an international outlook, our schools also host several hundred students from all around the world every year. The programmes offered by both our schools and our foreign partners are developed in close collaboration with our partners in order to ensure that our students are not setting off into the unknown and that their experiences in other countries are in no way detrimental to their progression or their course.

The essential command of English

How can you successfully complete a higher education course in today's world without a good command of the English language? With this in mind, our schools place great emphasis on immersion, with the ISEG Marketing & Communication School offering an English Summer Session at the end of the first year that consists of an intensive month-long course designed to encourage students to speak English and remove any inhibitions they may have. IPSA, for its part, now offers a six-week English immersion programme at the end of the first year, whilst with some pathways, such as those offered by ISG, English is central to the teaching curriculum. The 5th year of the ISEG Business & Finance School's International Business specialisation is taught entirely in English. Epitech offers students the opportunity to complete a placement abroad as of their first year whilst EPITA gives students the chance to spend a semester abroad as of their 2nd year.

At Sup'Biotech, meanwhile, English is now compulsory, particularly since it operates in a sector that is dominated by American and Anglo-Saxon companies, and students are required to complete a language placement in an English-speaking country in their first year. In their 3rd year, students spend a semester at a partner university and half of their classes are taught in English throughout the rest of the year. 4th and 5th-year classes are taught exclusively in English, and as is the case with the other schools in IONIS Education Group, in addition to English, students can also choose to learn or improve their knowledge of other languages to supplement their training (Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

Joël Courtois, Managing Director of EPITA

Joël Courtois
Managing Director


"The school has been offering a National Master’s Diploma (DNM) in science and technology with a specialisation in IT for two years now as part of a training programme aimed primarily at foreign students and French graduates looking to move abroad.
This programme makes it easier for young foreign citizens to settle in France, with around a third of students generally remaining in France after completing such a programme and another third returning to their home country. Regardless of their choice, 80% of students go on to maintain professional links with France in their working lives. Some French companies based abroad offer this programme to employees from the countries in which they have branches."

Double diplomas

Promoting international mobility has a number of advantages, including the opportunity for students to obtain a double diploma, in partnership with our host establishments in other countries. The ISEG Business & Finance School, in conjunction with ISM and St John's University in New York, for example, now offers students the possibility of obtaining an accredited MBA in international management. Many schools offer double diplomas in partnership with other establishments, including Sup’Biotech, ISG, EPITA the IPSA, among others.
More and more agreements are being signed with foreign partners every year, and such agreements are also becoming more extensive, demonstrating a clear desire to promote an international experience for our students. Whilst several hundred of our students set off to study abroad every year, however, most of our schools also host foreign students, such as EPITA, for example, which offers a number of specialisations as part of its international Master’s (DNM).

The export mission

As part of the practical teaching administered at ISG, students following the Multinational pathway put together an export project over the course of their studies, comprising a sector-specific analysis of a market or communications for a French company looking to enter international markets. This experience enables them to familiarise themselves with companies' requirements whilst at the same time discovering a new professional culture.

Anne-Marie Rouane, Managing Director of ISG

Anne-Marie Rouane
Managing Director
of ISG

ISG: Make the world yours

"The international aspect has been a central avenue of development for ISG since its creation in 1967, reflecting the needs for openness and understanding in a globalised world that requires our students, as future managers, to continually adapt.
ISG has since chosen to obtain a number of international accreditations. A holder of the Erasmus Charter, a member of the EFMD, the AmCham and the CLADEA, accredited by the ACBSP, and eligible for the EPAS, ISG is developing its network of partner universities and consolidating its positioning within Europe as well as in Asia, America, the Middle East and Oceania.
Furthermore, day-to-day life at ISG resembles life on an international campus, with individuals of multiple nationalities crossing paths and sharing classrooms, living side by side and enjoying evenings out together. Some of our programmes, such as the International Bachelor and the International Track, as part of the Grande Ecole Masters course, can be taken entirely in English and give students the opportunity to obtain a double diploma."

Agreements spanning the four corners of the world

Every year, our International Relations departments develop new international partnerships to complement the 250 agreements already in place.

  • Germany : Cologne Business School / FH Jena / FH Köln / FH Nürnberg / Universitat Paderborn
  • Argentina : Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina / Universidad Abierta Interamericana / Universidad John F. Kennedy / Universidad Maimonides / UNLP / Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Australia : University SAIBT / Australian Catholic University (DD*) / International College of Management Sydney (DD*)
  • Austria : Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)
  • Bahrain : Alhia University / Royal University for Women
  • Brazil : Université Feevale / Université Positivo / Universidade do Blumenau / Universidade do Vale do Itajai / Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro / Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (DD*)
  • Canada : TWU School of Business / Concordia University College of Alberta / Ecole des Sciences de la Gestion (ESG UQAM)
  • Chile : Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile / Universidad Autonoma de Chile / Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins / Universidad Central / Universidad Mayor / Universidad del Pacifico / Universidad Santo Tomás / Universidad San Sebastian / Universidad de Valparaiso
  • China : Central University of Finance and Economics School of International Exchange / School of International Exchange / Chongqing University / Fudan University / Jiao Tong University / Tongji University / Saint Joseph University / Li Xin University / Beijing International Studies University / Beijing Youth Politics College / Hong Kong Baptiste University / HSBC Business School University
  • Colombia : Universidad EAN (DD*)
  • South Korea : Sookmyung Women University / University of Seoul
  • Costa Rica : Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
  • Croatia : University of Rijeka
  • Ecuador : Universidad Ecotec
  • United Arab Emirates : Institute of Management Technology
  • Spain : Universidad Antonio de Nebrija / Universidad Carlos III / Universidad EAE de Barcelone (DD*) / Universidad de Huelva / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos / Universidad de Sevilla
  • Estonia : Estonian Business School

    * DD : Double-Diplôme
  • United State : Barry University (DD*) / Brooklyn College / Pace University / UCSD / St. Edward’s University / St John’s University / Presbitarian College / Metropolitan College New York (DD*) / Berkeley College / California State University, San Bernardino / San Diego National University (DD*) / Santa Barbara College / California State University, Monterey Bay
  • Géorgia : International Black Sea University
  • Hungary : University of Pannonia
  • Ireland : Dublin Business School / Griffith College
  • Iceland : Bifröst University
  • Italy : SAA Turin
  • Latvia : RISEBA
  • Japan : Hosei University / Temple University
  • Macedonia : University American College Skopje
  • Malaysia : Taylor’s University
  • Mexico : ITESM
  • New Zealand : University of Otago
  • Netherlands : Fontys university of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool Tio
  • Peru : EASN / Universidad del Pacifico / Centrum Católica del Peru
  • Poland : Kozminski University / Cracow University of Economics / Gdansk University / Lazarski University / Wroclaw University of Economics
  • Portugal : Instituto Universitario de Lisboa / Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
  • United Kingdom : University of Nottingham / University of Wales / Middlesex University (DD*) / London School of business & Finance / Richmond International University (DD*)
  • Czech Republic : IMPS / Skoda Auto University
  • Romania : Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Singapore : Nanyagn Polytechnic School of Business Management
  • Slovakia : University of Economics in Bratislava
  • Taiwan : Feng Chia University
  • Thailand : Mahido University
  • Turkey : Kadir Has Universitesi / Yeditepe University
  • Uruguay : Universidad de Montevideo

    * DD : Double Diploma
ISEG Business & Finance School
  • Germany : Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Francfort)
  • Argentina : Universidad Argentina de la empresa UADE (Buenos Aires)
  • Canada : Centre d'entrepreneuriat et de PME Université Laval / Faculté des Sciences de l'Administration (Laval)
  • China : South Western University of Finance & Economics School of Business Administration (Chengdu) / School of Economics & Management Université de Tongji (Shanghai)
  • Spain : Universidad Pontifi cia Comillas (Madrid)
  • United States : University of California Irvine (Irvine) / California International Business University (San Diego) / St. John’s University & ISM (New-York) / Baruch College (New-York)
  • Ireland : Dublin Business School DBS (Dublin)
  • Czech Republic : University of Economics (Prague)
  • United Kingdom : Liverpool John Moore’s University (Liverpool)
ISEG Marketing & Communication School
  • Spain : Universidad Pontifica Comillas Icade (Madrid)
  • Ireland : Dublin Business School DBS (Dublin)
  • Hungary : Corvinus University of Budapest (Budapest)
  • United States : University of California Irvine (Irvine)
  • United States : University of California Berkeley (Berkeley)
  • United States : Baruch College (New-York)
  • South Africa : Stellenbosch University
  • Germany : Fachhochschule Köln / Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln / Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
  • Barhain : Ahlia University
  • Brazil : Puc Minas / Puc Parana / Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
  • Canada : Brock University / Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  • China : Beijing Jiaotong University / Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • South Korea : Konkuk University / University of Seoul / Kyung Hee University / Hanyang University / Ewha University
  • Danemark : IT University of Copenhagen
  • Spain : Universidad del Pais Vasco
  • United States : Boston University / Stevens Institute of Technology / University of California Berkeley
  • Finland : Tampere University of Technology
  • India : Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur / Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan
  • Ireland : Griffith College Dublin
  • Italy : Università Degli Studi di Torino
  • Mexico : Tecnológico de Monterrey / Universidad de Monterrey
  • Norway : Norwegian University of Science & Technology
  • New Zealand : AUT University / University of Waikato
  • Netherlands : Hanze University Groningen / University of Amsterdam / Utrecht University
  • Poland : Politechnika Krakowska
  • Czech Republic : Brno University of Technology / Czech Technical University in Prague
  • United Kingdom : Staffordshire University
  • Russia : Bronch-Bruevich Saint-Pétersbourg
  • Slovakia : Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
  • Sweden : Stockholm University
  • Turkey : Bahcesehir University Istanbul / Bilkent University / Gebze Institute of Technology / Marmara University
ESME Sudria
  • South Africa : Stellenbosch University / Tshwane University of Technology / Cape Peninsula of technology
  • Germany : Kassel Universitat
  • Australia : Wollogong University
  • Canada : école de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal
  • China : Shanghai Jiao Tong University / Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology / Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications / Beijing Institute of Technology
  • South Korea : Konkuk University, Kyungpook National University
  • Danemark : University of Southern Denmark
  • United States : University of California, San Diego / Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago / Stevens Institute of Technology, NYC / San José State University / Boston University / California State University / Monterey Bay
  • Hungary : Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Ireland : Sligo Institute of Technology / Griffith College Dublin
  • Latvia : Riga Technical University / Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
  • Mexico : Universidad de Monterrey
  • Romania : Universitatea din Craiova
  • United Kingdom : Heriot-Watt University / University of Leeds / University of Portsmouth
  • Switzerland : Haute école des Ingénieurs du Canton de Vaud
  • Germany : Fachochshule Munich
  • Belgium : Université de Liège
  • Brazil : Universidad de São Paulo
  • Canada : Université Laval, Québec
  • China : Shenyang Aerospace University
  • Spain : Universitdad del Pais Vasco, Bilbao / University Polytechnic of Madrid, Etsia/ ETSID Valencia
  • United States : University of Arizona, Tucson / University of California, San Diego
  • Hungary : Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • India : Vel Tech University / Kumarugu College of Technology
  • Italy : Polytechnic of Turin / University of Naples ‘Federico II’ / University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’
  • Poland : Warsaw Technical University
  • Portugal : University of Beira Interior, Covilha / Universidade de Coimbra - Université de Coimbra / Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa
  • Czech Republic : Ostrava Technical University
  • Romania : Bucharest Polytechnic University
  • United Kingdom : Cranfield University / Salford University / Heriot Watt University
  • Russia : Moscow Aviation Institute / Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology
  • Taiwan : Cheng Kung National University
  • Turkey : Istanbul Technical University
  • South Africa : Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Australia : Australian Catholic University / Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Barhain : Ahlia University
  • Canada : Université Concordia / Université de Laval / Université du Québec à Rimouski
  • China : Beijing Jiatong University / Tsinghua University / Tongji University
  • South Korea : Chung Ang University / Keimyung University
  • Danemark : Roskilde University
  • Spain : Universidad de Cadiz / Universidad de Huelva / Universidad de Sevilla
  • United States : California State University, Long Beach / California State University, San Marcos / University of California, Berkeley / University of California, San Diego
  • Finland : Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • India : Manipal Institute of Technology
  • Ireland : Dublin Institute of Technology / Griffith College of Dublin / Dublin City University
  • Mexico : Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • United Kingdom : Kent University
  • Russia : The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications
  • Sweden : Linköping University / Jönköping University / Stockholm University
  • Thailand : Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University
  • South Africa : Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, NMMU
  • Australia : Griffith University / Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology / University of Queensland / Macquarie University
  • Barhain : Alhia University
  • Belgium : Haute école Lucia de Broukère
  • Brazil : Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso
  • Canada : Université de Montréal
  • South Korea : Chungnam University / Keimyung University / Korea University, Sejong Campus / Sungkyungkwan University / Sejong University
  • Danemark : Roskilde University / Aarhus University
  • Scotland : University of Dundee / University of Aberdeeen
  • Spain : Universidad San Pablo CEU
  • United States : California State University, Long Beach / California State University, San Marcos / University of California San Diego, UCSD / Boston University / California State University Monterey Bay
  • Finland : Turku University of Applied Sciences Turku
  • India : Indian Institute of Health Management Research / Pondicherry University
  • Ireland : Dublin City University / Institute of Technology Carlow / Griffith College Dublin
  • Malaysia : Monash University / Universiti Teknikal Mara Sdn Bhd
  • Mexico : Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Netherlands : Radboud University
  • Porto Rico : University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
  • Portugal : Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • United Kingdom : Keele University / University of East London / University of Essex / University of Sussex
  • Tunisia : école Polytechnique de Sousse / Université Libre de Tunis
  • Turkey : Koç University / Fatih University