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Teaching 2.0


IONISx has been lending its expertise in the field of higher education - expertise acquired within the Group's schools over the course of over 30 years - to as many people as possible since it was launched by the IONIS Education Group in 2013.

IONISx enables those of its learners in possession of a computer, tablet or smartphone to enjoy constant, easy and practical access to high-quality lessons specially designed by teachers and renowned experts.

IONISx is known, as are all of the schools in IONIS Group, for the great diversity of topics covered by its teaching, right from the outset:

  • 'Python for preparatory classes' (Science-based programme)
  • 'General mathematics: Linear algebra' (Science)
  • 'DataScience and situation analysis: behind the scenes of Big Data' (Science)
  • 'Do It Yourself: create your own 3D-relief videos!' (Design)
  • 'Mobile consumption: marketing solutions and issues' (Marketing)
  • 'Growth Hacking: Tools and methods to boost your start-up' (Marketing)
  • 'Understanding current affairs' (Geopolitics, History, Media)

With a few exceptions, topics are selected based on two criteria; either conventional issues that are dealt with from a new and original perspective, or even several; or innovative and/or disruptive issues.

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