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Over 20 years of Human Resources expertise


For over 25 years, ISEFAC has been an actor in the field of Human Resources and an international success that has never wavered. ISEFAC extended its training offer with the creation of a school dedicated to the training of a new generation of experts in Human Resources. The school is responding to a strong demand from students who wish to integrate a sector rich of opportunities immediately after the baccalauréat.

> An energetic and innovative pedagogy

Because H.R. innovation emerges from professional practice, the main goal of the school is for students to access the corporate world. This is why ISEFAC R.H. is dedicated to the professionalization of its students with 4 major educational dimensions:

Strategy: conducting a social audit, elaborating a strategic diagnosis, developing a H.R. strategy, setting a remuneration policy, managing performance.

Legal and social expertise: controlling social management, preventing legal risks for the company, facilitating social dialogue, organizing social and legal watch.

Digital: analyzing the digital "phenomenon" as a societal, organizational and managerial phenomenon, measuring the impact of the emergence of digital technology on the Human Resources function, understanding the challenges of digital recruitment, driving the digitalization of the H.R. function.

International: mastering different forms of internationalization, managing global Human Resources, managing the diversity of cultures and contracts.

The school is set apart by its highly proactive approach combining fundamental teachings, professional modules, workshops, seminars and specialization courses. During the 4th and 5th year, ISEFAC R.H. relocates two seminars in North America and Asia to enable future graduates to extend their scope of business in an international context.

> 3 founding principles

An ambition: training profiles perfectly in line with the new needs of the Human Resources, by adopting a pragmatic approach to the teaching based on practices from companies in France and abroad.

A mission: helping students define their career plans by having them identify their preferences and predispositions in the H.R. function, thanks to a personalized follow-up.

A conviction: providing a training directly related to the needs of companies for graduates to enter the labor market faster and under better conditions. 20 years of partnerships between ISEFAC and large companies, consulting firms and key players in the interim sector provide students with excellent career opportunities.

> A business-oriented school with eyes focused on tomorrow

ISEFAC R.H. created a 5-year program organized in 2 cycle: a 3-year Bachelor and a diploma certified by the state after 2 more years (Bac+5).

> An innovative program dedicated to professional integration

The first 3 years of the Bachelor program are devoted to the acquisition of the fundamentals of the H.R. function. The first 2 years of the program is a mix of class periods and professionalization phases through two internships. The 3rd year is performed through classes or as a sandwich course within a company.

The 2 year Master Program is devoted to deepening the strategic and managerial skills that are essential to any manager in Human Resources. These 2 years of training may also be done in classes or as a work-study program.

> A prestigious location

ISEFAC R.H. will welcome its first students in September 2016 on our Campus IONIS Paris Centre located in the heart of Paris.

> An expert teaching team

The teachers are all HR professionals who have worked or are still working in various companies and corporations. They insure that classes are precisely meeting the current and future business needs.

> A place for reflection and creativity

In 2016, ISEFAC R.H. will launch the LAB R.H. dedicated to supporting companies facing the emergence of digital challenges. Through research, analysis and collective reflection, "LAB ISEFAC R. H." will lay the intellectual groundwork for tomorrow’s H.R. practices and will function as a think tank. The structure will provide companies with H.R. talents to help them build their future.

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