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Programme Business & Management 3+2

ISG Programme Business & Management 3+2

Created in 2013, the ISG Programme Business & Management 3+2, is a 5-year higher education course open to high school graduates, devised with innovative didactics and offering a wide choice of study tracks (24 choices in the Masters’ cycle).
At all times, this Program gives students the opportunity to tailor their course of study progressively to match their professional objective.

Dispensed in 7 cities across France (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse), the ISG Programme Business & Management 3+2 allows students to choose which campus they wish to study on and the opportunity to switch campuses during the course. Thanks to an identical program and the same pedagogical methods implemented on all sites, the school guarantees the perfect coherence of its students’ studies.

The further the student progresses in the Program, the wider the scope of choices that open up regarding study track, geographical place (France and/or Overseas), even partner universities.

The first two years of the Bachelor cycle enable students to elaborate their course of study to fit with their centers of interest and ambitions and to meet numerous corporate professionals and coaches who will help them refine their career choices.

The third year aims at international horizons. Within the framework of the 100% International Track, it gives students the opportunity to earn an international Bachelor from one of the school’s university partners in London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Barcelona, Dublin…

In the Masters and MBA cycle, 5 study tracks give students the opportunity to become professionals in management, international business, finance, communication, marketing, the luxury industry, new technologies and even entrepreneurship. In other words, 24 possible specializations “give each and every student a future to tomorrow”.

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