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Expertise in preparatory classes since 1954


The ISTH has been offering preparatory classes since 1954 and has achieved extraordinary success rates since it was first created. The ISTH method is renowned for successfully incorporating very prestigious seals of approval: Sciences Po - IEP - CELSA - Ecole du Louvre - Schools of Journalism (ESJ, CFJ, IPJ, CUEJ, IFP, etc.) - Business schools (Sésame, Accès, Tremplin, Passerelle, etc.). Individual monitoring for each candidate is at the heart of our teaching.

The ISTH preparatory experience has put the success of its candidates at the heart of everything it has done over the past 60 years. The ISTH has already supported over 45,000 pupils and has signed agreements with a number of universities.

ISTH - the institute of preparatory classes

> Making a mark

The competitive exams offered by the ISTH require a combination of both knowledge and the ability to make a mark. The institute strives to achieve this by offering a variety of pathways designed to reflect the pace, level and goals of the candidate, paying particular attention to their personal and professional development.

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