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Moda Domani Institute

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Moda Domani Institute

The Moda Domani Institute reflects the wishes of many passionate young people seeking to understand and further their knowledge of every aspect of the luxury, fashion and design industries.

The school adopts a three-pronged approach combining strategy, creativity and digital technology.

  • Strategy: understanding socio-cultural consumer changes, mastering brand management, establishing brand positioning, incorporating international issues, etc.
  • Creativity: analysing trends, developing creative flair, investing in projects, becoming familiar with every aspect of the creative process, etc.
  • Digital technology: understanding the importance of new digital tools (big data, the cloud, CRM, online reputation management, m-commerce, etc.) and how they work.

The school consequently offers more than the purely creative and technical expertise that are already passed on by renowned fashion design and styling schools. It also differs from a business school in terms of its specialist nature, its very close links to the fields in which it operates, its modernity and its ability to integrate the three core components that are strategy, creativity and digital technology.

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> A course based on initiative and projects in conjunction with professionals

The first three non-specialist years of the course combine basic knowledge, projects, workshops (14 over the course of the three years) and international seminars (London and Milan-Florence) with time spent at a partner university in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Italy or the United Kingdom. A two-year specialist MBA designed to enable the student to acquire general skills and specific expertise.

Meetings with professionals, who themselves have an interest in our teaching, will expose students to the day-to-day realities of these experts and to develop a network of contacts. Through lectures on campus, professionals operating in the industries concerned, from managers of major brands to entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, designers, representatives of professional bodies and press specialists share their expertise with our students.

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