Shaping a new
business intelligence

Network culture

A life after graduation

Making your mark also means standing up for sometimes unpopular or taboo ideas. As such, bringing up the question of networks is not always well received. Yet silence only accentuates handicaps, when it is clear that in the business sphere and in arts and culture, the relationships forged and maintained over the years are essential.

Meeting with companies

We take a reverse approach: our schools seek to make people aware of this reality by helping students to establish contacts, manage their relations and take advantage of opportunities. By regularly bringing them face-to-face with professionals, encouraging internships and work placements and promoting meetings with leading figures or graduates who can give them advice on their projects and careers.


There are around 70,000 IONIS Group alumni. They constitute a valuable resource and significant potential, if only for the 27,000 current students who can benefit from their sound advice. To ensure this, the schools organise an increasingly active programme of meetings and exchanges with alumni, regularly inviting them to speak at events.

Alumni Network


Since its creation, IONIS Education Group has sought to develop a teaching method in line with the needs of the professional sphere. Businesses occupy a central place in each school and entity. Many of our professors and speakers are practising professionals. They are the best placed to follow market trends, anticipate them and identify opportunities or shortfalls.