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Synergy in action

Interdisciplinary at the heart of our teaching and projects

There are no secrets surrounding the benefits of interdisciplinary, a value that forms a natural cornerstone of our schools. In establishing urban campuses, for example, we sought to develop the various synergies that exist between our schools through joint teaching and training programmes, conferences, multi-party projects and business start-ups. An openness to others and to other fields of expertise is central to learning to work together and to developing innovative projects. IONIS Education Group places particular emphasis on this aspect.

A few examples:

Project Week

la Project week 2015

Held every year, the Project Week is a national challenge that places the emphasis very firmly on the cross-curricular element. The event attracts over 1,000 students from ISEG Marketing & Communication School, Epitech and e-artsup in the 7 main campuses of IONIS Education Group in order to work in mixed teams on practical issues.

HEC Academies

Open data

Every year, Epitech, SUP'Internet and e-artsup students attend HEC Academies - themed seminars combining theory-based lessons with practical workshops and group work. They provide an opportunity for students from prestigious school, with different backgrounds, to join forces in taking on challenges to create joint projects, some of which lead to the creation of a business.

e-Smart Lab


The e-Smart Lab is a digital production workshop initiated by ESME Sudria Lille, and shared with Epitech Lille and e-artsup Lille. Equipped with two 3D printers, a laser cutter and milling machine, students can develop joint projects. The latter have used this lab to create their own version of an open source 3D printer model and take part in 3D printing contests. The e-Smart Lab is part of the Nord-Pas de Calais 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Club. An e-smart Lab has just opened in Paris at ESME Sudria.

Gold for the IONIS iGEM team!

equipe ionis Igem 2015

The 100% IONIS Education Group team composed of 11 students from EPITA, Sup'Biotech and e-artsup took home gold at their first International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM)! This gold medal rewarded the commitment of the IONIS iGEM team which, for this 2015 final held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, presented an innovative Bio-Console to promote biology among the general public through a video game. At the same time, the team was able to demonstrate its mobile application BactMAn Adventures for smartphone and Android tablets which also allows users to discover biology in a fun form through mini games. The application is free and available to download.