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The urban campuses

At the heart of the city and life

Student days are supposed to be a time for discovery, meeting new people and learning new and exciting things. With this in mind, is it really a good idea to establish higher education institutions on the outskirts of cities when they should be a located in the city centre where such aspirations can be fulfilled?

Since the creation of the IONIS Education Group, significant investments have been made to create urban campuses in the heart of cities. Our students can thus benefit from living conditions that encourage their personal fulfilment, close to leisure, social and cultural venues, shops and institutions, where the city comes to life.

Whereas many higher education sites are geographically isolated and often poorly serviced by public transport, we have voluntarily opted to create urban campuses in the inner city. At the heart of the city centre, close to people, activity and cultural venues, transport and shops, where the city comes to life. It is this development principle that dictated the location of our schools in Paris and the regions, and which will continue to guide our future development.

Campuses that encourage synergies

IONIS Education Group has chosen to increase the number of sites while keeping in mind its aim of setting up campuses at the heart of the urban economy. In constant contact with the social, cultural, artistic and commercial life of the city, our campuses allow students to make the most of the vibrancy and diversity that are so unique to cities. Such a policy involves significant financial and human resources. Every year, we invest in improving the living conditions of our students and in renewing equipment.

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State-of-the-art technology

We also keep a close eye on what's happening with regard to information systems and the availability of mobilised technical teams. A digital network connects all of the schools in the IONIS Group in France. This high-speed fibre optic network (1.5 Gb/s) provides optimum working conditions and allows lectures to be held simultaneously at several sites, for example. Being at the heart of the city, having spacious premises, study halls and work rooms as well as high-quality technical equipment is a long-standing commitment that we have made to our students and their families.