Shaping a new
business intelligence

Our vocation

Shaping the new business intelligence

There is far more to educating than simply passing on knowledge. As far as IONIS Education Group is concerned, it also requires us to innovate and to identify personalities whilst remaining attentive to companies' needs and requirements. Our 70,000 alumni are daily proof of this.

Les diplomés de l'EPITA

Training for adaptability and change

Innovation is more important to the fields of training and higher education now than it has ever been. In an ever changing world, the days of the single role and the 'one-track' business are over. Some see this as a restriction. We see it as an asset, and rather than simply passing on knowledge and expertise, we make a point of teaching adaptability and change across all disciplines. What dictates our choices is the moral contract that binds us to our students, their families and the businesses concerned. This contract does not end on graduation day, but lasts indefinitely.

Growth driven by innovation and a sense of audience

ISEG, the first school in the IONIS Group, was founded in 1980 with the aim of meeting the unmet expectations of students who found themselves perplexed by the conformism of the time, offering innovative teaching methods that fostered ties with the business world, and developing a relationship built on mutual commitment.
Over the course of three decades, thanks to a selective growth policy, proactive innovation and a passion for creating a strong dynamic, particularly in the world of business schools and technology, IONIS Education Group has become the leading institution in the field of private higher education in France. However, this growth is primarily indicative of a desire to fulfil our purpose; after all, without the courage to stray from the beaten track and out of our comfort zone, and to ignore the sceptics, we would not have achieved what we have. We have always had this all-consuming desire to improve, from our very beginnings right through to the present day, because we have a duty to help our students to succeed and to achieve excellence.

Enriching personalities and characters

How can we be content, in this age of constant change, with a higher education system that is limited to passing on knowledge and certain skills? How can we accept the harmful consequences of a form of conservatism that ignores the profound changes we are witnessing in our environments, cultures and mentalities?

Driven by a network of some 70,000 alumni and the successes they have achieved, we endeavour, on a daily basis, to learn, to change and to question ourselves. We know that our primary contribution must focus on personality, developing new qualities in young people who dare, who imagine, who excel themselves and who are able to adapt. Because we develop personalities rather than simply 'carriers of knowledge', we have a duty to focus on the basics, on characters and mindsets.

Giving students the means to progress and the desire to dare

Educating is primarily a matter of transforming, enriching and developing a personality, enabling it to overcome its handicaps, maximise its strengths and open up to others, other spheres and other cultures. There is more passion and fulfilment to be found in helping a whole group to progress than in simply supporting the strongest components of that group. There is nothing more satisfying for a teacher than seeing a student receive their qualification and appreciating just how far they have come since their first year.
Giving our students confidence, supporting them and being there for them are vital, and our teachers' attentiveness and commitment towards them are key factors in their enthusiasm and the energy they put into their endeavours, as demonstrated by the many companies that our students and graduates go on to create every year.