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Out of the schooling system, they turn their passion into a trade


A free school for young women and men between 18 and 25 year old who are out of the schooling system with no qualification. Our goal is to turn their passion into a trade in a sector whith high recruiting demands.

In 2010, Epitech launched a school offering young people with no qualifications a two-year training course in web development and integration. [email protected] is aimed at young people of 18 to 25 years of age who have not passed the baccalauréat.

> 24 months of training, from which 12 are in work-study programs, in the reference school of computing Epitech

The teaching methods used are developed by Epitech and follow an innovative model based on many projects. Students are immediately exposed to the challenges of their future trades. Facing technical and enigmatic challenges for which no solution is provided, each student develops a learning ability, adaptability and self-training.

Students deduce their own theory in a reverse movement to formal education where knowledge is delivered before practice. Project-based teaching requires a much larger personal investment than more passive traditional learning methods. The basic ingredient of this success is above all motivation.

> An initiative supported by prestigious partners

Microsoft, Société Générale, Orange, HP and many other corporations are actively supporting the school’s program in Paris and Lyon.

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