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Epitech is a computing school founded in 1999 and which offers 5-year post-baccalauréat courses to train experts in the sector. It gives those with a passion for the field the opportunity to transform this passion into expertise through firmly innovative project-based teaching.

It has branches in 13 French cities as well as Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Bruxelles (Belgium) and Tirana (Albania).
Epitech issues graduates with an Expert in Information Technologies diploma (Bac+5) that is State-approved as a level I qualification in accordance with the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP).

> An innovative teaching method

Since its creation, Epitech has developed a project-based teaching method focused on the real needs of businesses and the learning styles of the new generation. It uses a collaborative and synergy-based educational model, in which the student plays an active role. The course finishes with an Epitech Innovative Project (EIP) that gives students the opportunity to gain experience in end-to-end project management, which they can go on to use in the professional sphere, and to expand their portfolio. Many graduates set up their own business either during or after their studies. The school has multiple research and development laboratories.

« La Piscine » = Swimming Pool in French, the legendary module of the Epitech curriculum, is the integration time during which every new coming student will acquire, assimilate and consolidate the basics.

> International

The international dimension is key at Epitech: students are required to spend two semesters at one of the school’s partner universities and institutions. The school has concluded numerous academic agreements which are developed every year to encourage diversity of choice and mobility.

Epitech organizes each year a Winter Boot Camp open for international students wishing to learn object-oriented programming such as C and C++ programming language.

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