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ICS Bégué

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ICS Bégué

The ICS Bégué was founded in 1957, and has since established itself as a benchmark in the fields of auditing, management, accountancy and finance. Recognised by the State, it offers a variety of courses that can also be followed as part of a work-study programm leading to Bachelor or Master’s degrees, as well as preparation for State-certified diplomas.

Its training programmes are based around the LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorat) university reform, in line with the development of these business sectors. The ICS Bégué draws on a network of more than 5,000 alumni.

> Personalised teaching

Teaching at the ICS Bégué is founded on personalised support, based on attentiveness and proximity to students as of the first year, so that they can follow a pathway in keeping with their abilities and professional profile. Most of the faculty members come from the professional sphere, thus allowing students to keep pace with the needs of companies, which occupy a central position in the training programme.

Great importance is attached to international accounting disciplines within the programmes, such as working and business English. The ICS Bégué encourages its students to obtain professional experience abroad through numerous internships scheduled within the different courses.

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