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IONIS School of Technology and Management

The IONIS School of Technology and Management provides training for experts with dual technological and managerial expertise in four fields: information and communication technologies, computer engineering, biotechnologies and energy.
The school offers 18 dual MBAs in 4 major up and coming sectors and 4 Executive MBA and issues qualifications that are State-approved as level I qualifications in accordance with the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP).

> Dual expertise - an undeniable bonus when it comes to enhancing a student's profile

Given the current economic context, it is important to stand out from the competition and to meet companies' expectations by acquiring both managerial and technological expertise.

The school offers a training programme that combines the expertise of a major business school (ISG) with that of schools of engineering (EPITA and ESME Sudria) and expertise (Sup'Biotech). The IONIS School of Technology and Management has developed a teaching method based on the business model, with the aim of continually exposing students to the reality of the professional sphere. It offers multidisciplinary training programmes ranging from Bac+2 to Bac+5 that incorporate knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills.

The school's faculty comprises a network of over 150 speakers, all practising professionals. They are therefore in the best position to lecture on the reality of the situation in the field, changes within the market and their respective professions, as well as current company expectations.

The school is renown for its innovative approach to teaching, which puts the student at the heart of what it does through project-based teaching and individual coaching, among others.

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