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Innovative teaching methods

Innovation in education - a key driver of success

We are told on a daily basis that "this cannot work" or that we should "do things a certain way because that's how we know it's done". How many times have we had to explain that we were not fostering a sense of innovation for the sake of 'doing something different' but because the solutions of the past are not always the best ones for the future? Since the digital revolution and the transformations we have witnessed in all aspects of our way of life, it is impossible to imagine change as a step backwards and traditions as duties that cannot be shaken off.

étudiants à l'ISG

We are focused on innovation for the purpose of education, because our relationships with knowledge, space, time, technology and communication, as well as our relationships with others, are undergoing a series of drastic changes. In light of such revolutions, it is not a question of conceding nor of glorifying innovation for the sake of innovation. We remain entirely focused on training young people for future contexts rather than forcing them to live in the past, wonderful though it was, and it is our duty to use new technologies and new networking, information and training tools wisely.

Proactive teaching and accelerated immersion

pédagogie pro-active

The ISEG Marketing & Communication School bases its teaching on original methods that place the student at the heart of its teaching. A true stakeholder in their own training process, students develop professional expertise that they acquire right throughout their course. La Piscine by Epitech represents a unique milestone in the life of the school, consisting of an integration period that involves an intensive three-week programme incorporating practical work, lessons and programming, among other things - practical initiatives for helping students to get to grips with their studies and later supporting them as they take their first steps into working life.

Reinventing and reclaiming systems

Réinventer les systèmes

ETNA, ISG, ISTH and IONIS UP have succeeded in reinventing existing models to render them even more efficient. ETNA is consequently the first school to offer a type of work-study training that is designed to reflect the paces of both the student and the company to enable the student to serve as an employee in their own right. ISG, meanwhile, gives its students the power to customise and adapt the pathway they take throughout their course to reflect their aspirations, whilst the ISTH, which has been preparing students for Grand Ecole examinations and competitive entry examinations since 1954, has continuously adapted its methods to ensure success for the greatest possible numbers of students. Last but not least, IONIS UP has successfully reinvented the traditional academic support system.

Interdisciplinarity in action within our schools

transversalité en action

Great emphasis is placed on interdisciplinarity within our schools, as demonstrated by the IONIS School of Technology and Management, which has successfully combined managerial and technological skills into a single course. It was in fact on this notion that the Group was originally founded, and which now drives the Group and continues to guide our teaching. Every year we embark upon more projects that enable us to draw on each other's skills and require our students to work in teams, just as they will be required to do in their professional lives.

A project culture and a collaborative spirit

culture projet et esprit collaboratif

More than just empty words, team spirit and collaborative working are an entirely tangible reality. It is this philosophy that lies behind the open and decompartmentalised teaching methods adopted by IONIS Education Group, which place the emphasis very much on promoting synergies. Theory, of course, is worthless if it cannot be applied in practice. Our schools have a responsibility to transform their students into true professionals, which is why we place particular importance on project-based teaching and learning.

IONISx, the digital education by IONIS Education Group

IONISx is the digital learning platform developed by IONIS Education Group which offers exclusive contents carried out by experts, accessible anywhere at any time and supports the production of online resource for schools. Open to the public, a lot of contents are free and include very different themes. These supports are increasingly used for flipped classroom in schools.
Among the contents offered : "The world in 2020", geopolitical outlook and prospects by Alexandre Adler; "Web Sociology: 2.0 Civilization and Collective Intelligence"; "Understanding the mechanisms of creativity", etc.
In addition, more and more professional trainings progressively enrich the IONISx offer via degree courses (ETNA Online, the first 100% online RNCP level 1 IT degrees, Manager Web Strategist or Online MBA) or certificates of specific skills